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Gramercy Duo Cook Up Crazy New Single!

Gramercy, New York City, NY (April 01, 2016) - S.C.R.D. (Sweet Chuck Ravin Dave) officially release their fourth studio single, titled “The Crave” on iTunes, Google Play, Spotify and over 20+ digital, global retailers and in CD format via Amazon. The Crave is the musical, storytelling duo’s first record release on indie record label Trip Digital Records, and includes two versions (Radio, Instrumental).

S.C.R.D. explains that “The Crave” pushes the boundaries set by traditional genres by drawing inspiration from three primary sources –Hip Hop, Rock and Pop. The resulting combination is a new FUNK ROCK sound with an old skool Hip Hop inspired beat and verse flow, a Rock and Roll style arrangement, chorus execution and orchestration mixed with a Funkadelic vibe and rolling bass-line.  This record is the first entirely written, composed, orchestrated, produced, performed and recorded by the duo, stepping out from under their partner and co-producer Dj Journey, and features only one other performing artist Eddie Eyeball.

The storyline once again is easy to follow and is about a one night stand that turns the corner, and the person you went home with goes from rave and sweet to crazy with a case of the crave! New York City causes normal people to do wild and crazy things as they seek to live out their fantasies. Sometimes people hold on to these experiences and keep coming back for more. We call this a case of “The Crave.”

As the sole featured artist on this record, S.C.R.D. once again enlisted the talented 2 Skinnee J’s bassist Eddie Eyeball to lay down the deep and groovy bass-line that drives the rhythm of the record.  S.C.R.D. explains that, “we needed to make sure that the bass nailed down the groove of the record, especially when trying to combine so many elements. The bass-line and trumpets are key to moving the song as well as keeping listener interest and accenting the chorus. Really, we just wanted to bump on car systems!”


Contact: S.C.R.D.


Instagram: @scrdnyc Twitter: @scrdnyc Facebook: @scrdnyc Web:

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Presented by Keith Shocklee and Dj Journey powered by Spectrum City

Soul Frequency (Ravin Dave's bday)

In the fall of 2015, a management change at one of New York City’s most exclusive private member’s club resulted in a new perspective on how to reinvigorate an empty space through building an “alternate” vibe in order to freshen up the environment.

SOUL FREQUENCY, a monthly party presented by the legendary Keith Shocklee (aka. Wizard Kjee) of Public Enemy, The Bomb Squad and Spectrum City; along with Super producer Dj Journey, founder of Trip Digital Inc., and a well-known DJ across the LA and NYC circuit; the duo were invited to rebuild the room with a monthly residency. The party launched last November and is now becoming an industry and newbie playground for intermingling between members, guests and artists.

In other words, a very well know establishment was looking for a change. Think, “Stella got her groove back” or rather, looking to get her groove back, and turned to one of New York City’s own cultural contribution – Hip Hop.


The concept was to begin building a unique, intimate, fun and inclusive party that brought plenty of groove, vibe and old skool classic tracks in an upbeat, contemporary and cutting edge way.

The goal is to create a fun, warm and inclusive monthly party that can be used to introduce, integrate and infuse aspects of live performance with the old skool vibe in order to create a fun party for emerging talent to perform and be discovered.

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Super Producer Dj Journey (Interview)

Dj Journey during a recording session with S.C.R.D. and The Klick at Skip Saylor Recording studio in Encino, CA. 

Dj Journey during a recording session with S.C.R.D. and The Klick at Skip Saylor Recording studio in Encino, CA. 

Tell us a bit about how you got into the music industry and DJing specifically?

I’ve always been into music, ever since I was a small kid sneaking off to dig through my mom’s deep record collection. Years later while working in the film business in Hollywood, I realized that music was actually my true calling and not necessarily acting. Between shoots I would make mix tapes and remixes for cash, which landed me a gig at the radio station. From there I worked my way into the night clubs, airwaves and then eventually New York City.

What all have you done since then, Trip Digital Inc. is in your resume tell us about it?

It’s always been about the music. Trip Digital Inc. is a music licensing company that I started back in 2009, when I knew that the industry was going to change for sure in the future. Over the past three years, we have been hyper focused on the composition and production process in order learn how to build commercial music that is more easily licensed and exploitable. Now we are focused on launching the next stage of the project a new digital label called - Trip Digital Records. The project is focused on launching a label specifically designed for artist and industry needs for today's environment with flexibility to adapt to the future. Stay Tuned!

What is your gear of choice when it comes to controller, software etc.

Two turntables, DJM 500 mixer and a pair of dicers on Serato. Most nightclubs and venues have CDJs. Dicers add an extra layer of control and cues that allow me to cut up new fresh tight mixes in new ways each week.

When you go out on mobile gigs what else do you use?

I haven't really strayed from the tried and true - turntables or CDJs. Mixing consoles are great if that's your thing. Sometimes I'll bring along an emcee, does that count?

For someone that has heard of you but don't knows your DJing style, give me the lowdown on what to expect when they see you spinning at Mobile Beat Las Vegas?

I've been called a Turtle in the fast lane. Maybe that's because my fingers are like a team of ninjas that mix, cut, surprise and delight audiences seeking a musical journey of awesomeness, or just want to dance their asses off!

Check out Dj Journey's featured SUPREME PICK’S OF THE WEEK

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Spotlight: S.C.R.D.'s "Phone Sext"

Shuffle Beat Music - Summer Hartley

"The intro, which can be a recognizable sound to anyone who has "done the deed" via phone call, draws you into the whole story S.C.R.D. and their talented group are about to take you on. Lyrically, "Phone Sext" is pretty much what to say during one of these steamy moments with your boo-thang, as it fully goes through someone's experience with phone sexting (even the "race to the finish" moment as your phone dies but you haven't reached that finish line, if you get what I'm saying). The college-age demographic for these guys, though, will know exactly what I'm talking about, as this is practically the epitome of what "phone sexting" is about, which makes the song lewd and real, but in an entirely good way.

Not only do the lyrics take you on a journey, but musically, the song gives a beat resembling that of "let's do the nasty" music that you may play or just hear in your head (or those R-rated romance movies with the oddly placed sex scene between your two protagonists. The delivered bass line from Genus meshes well with Harrison's piano (which you can hear really well in the instrumental) to give that feel good vibe behind the beat. And although I was skeptical of it at first, the violin delivered from Licata, which can also be heard better in the instrumental, blends in perfectly with the track to give a whole new layer to that dip of music.

Oddly enough, I see myself listening to "Phone Sext" again in the future, even if it's not my typical taste of music. Is it for the phone sexting tips/how-to? Is it for the sexy music that makes me just wanna vibe? Is it for the sultry vocals?

Well that's only for me to know."

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“Phone Sext" - Better than the real thing? A full sonic exploration!

S.C.R.D. - Phone Sext


Gramercy, New York City, NY (December 08, 2015) - S.C.R.D. (Sweet Chuck Ravin Dave) officially release their third studio single, titled “Phone Sext” on iTunes, Google Play, Spotify and over 20+ digital, global retailers and in CD format via Amazon. Phone Sext is the musical, storytelling duo’s third record release on indie record label Trip Digital Inc., and includes three versions (Explicit, Radio, Instrumental).

S.C.R.D. explains that “Phone Sext” is the third chapter of the story following heartbreak in L.A. and dating in New York City, and that it’s “about the tension that we all feel between in our progressive digital world, that stretches between fantasy and ideal and bridges into our reality. In the end, nothing beats the real thing. And this is a truth that stretches deep into the groove and vibe of the whole record, on which we feature an all-star cast of amazing, local, New York City based musicians.”


Most notably is the very talented, tall, dark and handsome (4+ octave) UK singer and songwriter, Mr Wright.  While visiting New York City back in May, Jason Anthoney Wright was introduced to S.C.R.D. while the duo was in the middle of recording their first single record, “Someday.” After a quick meeting, an intense listening session, smiles and handshakes, the trio reconvened a day later and fleshed out the concept, composition and then recorded the chorus and instrumental.  

S.C.R.D. enlisted the multi-talented Jazz and Soul musician, Benny Harrison to deliver a daft and moving piano performance as well as support on the background vocals and then persuaded the most talented American Jazz Bassist, James Genus, whose performance nailed the bass line giving this record it’s groove.  No stopping there! The sexual sensuality of Marissa Licata’s violin dramatically dances delicately back and forth between the vocal melodies of Mr. Wright and the intentions of Sweet Chuck, playing the female antagonist’s voice.

The orchestration of the instrumental is the perfect contrast to the functional and blunt lyrical verses led by Sweet Chuck and backed by Dj Journey. This instructional guide takes us on a sexy journey through fantasy up to a surprise twist at the end.

The combination of both the instrumentation and lyrical versing makes this record highly visual and easily understood by a wide range audience, but most specifically 16-24 millennials. S.C.R.D. plans to target college markets via radio and blogs as well as key Spring Break markets via DJ spins at nightclubs and events. For promotion requests, materials or bookings please contact S.C.R.D.


Credits: Photo(s) by Jonathan B. Ragle

Contact: S.C.R.D.

Email: Instagram: @scrdnyc Twitter: @scrdnyc Facebook: @scrdnyc Web:

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How to Phone Sext: 20 Frisky Guidelines

We know all of you are wondering, “What am I supposed to do when I can’t go downtown?” Well, we’ve got all the answers for you in our release, Phone Sext. With Sweet Chuck and Jason Anthoney Wright on vocals, James Genus of the SNL Band on bass, Marissa Licata on violin and Benny Harrison on piano, we’re coming at you with another all-star cast of musicians on the track that gives you the full instructional for just how to Phone Sext the right way.

Sweet Chuck has been exploring the world of phone sexting and we think you should too! Check out our hottest tips for phone sexting with our newest music video, Phone Sext. For you, we’ve outlined a few of the core rules for your next phone sexting adventure. Enjoy!


#1 Pick Up Your Phone


#2 Take a Deep Breath


#3 Relax, Get in the Mood


#4 No Recording


#5 Turn Up Your Bluetooth


#6 Find Some Butter-Soft Leather


#7 You Touching You, Me Touching Me

#8 Be Home Alone


#9 Let Loose & Be Free


#10 Go for a Ride


#11 Slip & Slide


#12 Blow Their Mind


#13 Scream!


#14 Creme Together

#15 Use a Toy


#16 Use Your Fingers


#17 Turn Off the Ringer


#18 Get the Oil


#19 Say Their Name


#20 Don’t Let Your Phone Die


Have any extras to add? Comment with your suggestions!


And of course, thank you for tuning in for the Downtown music video. We’re still vibing off the positivity coming from all of you!

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S.C.R.D. Teams up with Hip Video Promo

NYC’s very own S.C.R.D., whose old school rock star vibe and fresh new hip hop beats have been hailed as a mashup of unlikely styles that delivers a deliciously guilty pleasure worthy of heavy indulgence. They say what you wanted to say, but never did. And they execute the recording in a smooth and sophisticated way that seductively lures viewers into a catchy, irreverent fun hook, that is neither Petula Clark nor Macklemore & Ryan Lewis to the faintest bit. In fact, S.C.R.D. delivers a whole new sound with this record.

S.C.R.D. is named after Sweet Chuck and Ravin Dave, the two principal members of the group based in Gramercy, Manhattan. Together they infuse old skool beats, live instrumentation and witty, humorous and slightly satirically lude lyrics to take fans on a journey through heartbreaks with an ebullience for life and the thirst for adventure. Their collaboration between each other, thrives off co-collaborating with local musicians, friends and fans they lure into their musical tsunami, which helps drive their artistic creativity to new heights.

On their newest single “Downtown,” they once again teamed up with the “Mermaid,” world renowned violinist, Marissa Licata to craft an exquisite tale of temptation, dedication, and pure, unabashed urban fun and frolic through her violin’s voicing. Locking in the groove, this dynamic duo tapped Eddy Eyeball the former bassist of the 2 Skinnee J’s along with the vocals of a young, talented singer/songwriter named EMCity.

For the “Downtown” video, Sweet Chuck and Ravin Dave examine that fragile balance between the daily grind of work life, social obligations and the difficulties of finding time for personal relationships. The video begins with superstar NYC producer Journey dropping by to try to get Chuck to the studio, but he’s preoccupied and heading downtown. Then life begins to imitate art, and art blurs life, the nights get longer, and the stakes get higher. When heading “Downtown,” sometimes the night doesn’t end, when the day begins.

We are thrilled to be working with S.C.R.D.! Please get in touch with us here at HIP Video Promo if you would like more info… You can call (732)-613-1779 or email us at . You can also visit or for more info.


Gramercy Duo Ready to Rock It!

Left to Right) Dj Journey, EMCity, Ravin Dave, Maria Del Mar Gonzalez, Sweet Chuck, Nyiela Barret, Dillon Heins.

Left to Right) Dj Journey, EMCity, Ravin Dave, Maria Del Mar Gonzalez, Sweet Chuck, Nyiela Barret, Dillon Heins.

Friday, November 13, 2015 - New York City, S.C.R.D. (Sweet Chuck Ravin Dave) along with Dj Journey, EMCity, Maria Del Mar Gonzalez, Nyiela Barret and Dillon Heins along with Jonathan B. Ragle (Photographer/Director) at the Norwood Club during a private friends and family premiere screening of Downtown [Official Video]. Official release is Tuesday, November 17, 2015.



Directed By: Jonathan B. Ragle / Charles J. Jugans III / David R. Iannone Jr.

Written By: Jonathan B. Ragle / Charles J. Jugans III / David R. Iannone Jr. / Emilia M. Wilson

Executive Producer Digital-Galactic, Inc.

Lead Producer - Charles J. Jugans III; Producer - David R. Iannone Jr.

Co-Produced By JBR

Producer - Jonathan B. Ragle; Production Coordinator - Dillon Heins

Cinematography: Jonathan B. Ragle

Co-Art Directors: Sweet Chuck / Ravin Dave / Jonathan B. Ragle

Assistant Art Director : Emilia M. Wilson

Edited By: Jeremie Dameme / David R. Iannone Jr.

Camera Operator: Jonathan B. Ragle

Location Manager: S.C.R.D.

Digital Colorist: Derek Amengual

Digital Capture: Maria Herron

Titles & Graphic Design: Ravin Dave

Craft Service Lead: S.C.R.D.

Craft Service Assistants: Felipe, Kevin & GPB Crew

Casting: S.C.R.D. / Jonathan B. Ragle

Stylists: Lizzie Arneson

Behind the Scenes Photography: Bruce Dumont

Starring: Sweet Chuck, Ravin Dave, EMCity, Maria Del Mar Gonzalez, Nyiela Barret, Showboat, Yo Bexxx, Victoria Edwards, Kesha Blake, Big Hollywood, 187 Sound, Dj Journey, Felipe

Extras (in no particular order): Jezza Regoyal-Estaris, Jessica Israel, Kim Ross, Tori Long, Jefferson Pierre, Kevin Lynch

S.C.R.D. managed by Charles J Jugans III. and David R. Iannone Jr.

Special Thanks To: Ryan Reynolds, Jared L, Kevin, Jason Oswald, Mahsa, Jenny, Eric, Billy, Stephanie, Franny, El Jefe, Scully and the rest of the neighborhood who put up with us and our shenanigans. RIP Steve D.  

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When love turns to lust...

Gramercy, New York City, NY (September 15, 2015) - S.C.R.D. (Sweet Chuck Ravin Dave) officially released their second studio single, titled “Downtown” on Tuesday, September 15, 2015.

The unsigned, musical storytelling duo’s record release includes three versions (Explicit, Radio, Instrumental) and will be available via a year-long contract with TuneCore for global distribution across iTunes, Google Play, Amazon Direct, eMusic, Spotify and other major retailers.

S.C.R.D. explains that “Downtown” is the next chapter of the story following heartbreak in L.A. and returning to #NYCity for the summer. This song is all about lusting someone and the lust turning into love, but then not being ready to handle the commitment with so many professional and personal obligations at the given moment. As a result, hearts break as both parties struggle with reality, emotion and passion -something we can all relate to.

“It’s funny,” remarks Ravin Dave, “this song just happened right after “Someday” released. Literally, it was 5:30 A.M. after a long night of concepting a couple of other new songs, EMCity had just passed out and Sweet Chuck was walking out when it just happened:

Ravin Dave: “Got ur keys in your pocket?”

Sweet Chuck:  “Ready to rock-it!”

Ravin Dave:  “With your cellie in-hand?”

Sweet Chuck, Ravin Dave:  “And our girlies on standby!”

Ravin Dave says, “At that moment we both looked at eachother and blurted out, write that shit down! We then laid down the guitar and initial beat.

“We needed lyrics so we pulled up a couple of text conversations to fill-in verses and recorded a reference. The next couple days we fleshed out the rest of the story and lyrics. Initially we did not intend to include piano or strings, but Sweets sent a text requesting some piano to support the choruses.

Our initial thought was to call on Benny Harrison for the piano, but then I decided to take a crack at it for 24-hrs. That weekend, I fleshed out the piano after some inspiration from an amazing musician and friend Mark Rechler. That following week we were in the studio recording the instrumentation.”

Following in the vein of their first record, S.C.R.D. called upon their deep network of professional friends to help produce and record. Most notably world renowned violinist Marissa Licata, who has performed on their first record (and with the likes of Alicia Keys, Ben Harper, Ringo Starr, Dave Stewart of Eurythmics, Gloria Estefan, Pras of the Fugees, Jermaine Paul, Elle Varner, Gaby Wilson) signed on for a second.

To play bass, they brought Eddie Eyeball of NYC's multi-cultural alternative rap group 2 Skinnee J’s back to his hip-hop roots.  More recently he has played in Gordon Gano’s (The Violent Femmes) solo band and with retro-futurist musician/artist Vic Thrill.  Currently plays in Valley Lodge, the NYC power-pop band whose song “Go!” is the theme song for HBO’s “Last Week with John Oliver” as well as in the “Meet Me in the Bathroom & Tell Me All Your Secrets” all-star house band backing artists such as Har Mar Superstar, Bridget Everett, and Jenny Lewis.

To help steer the recording process, S.C.R.D. again brought in the talent of upcoming superstar producer Dj Journey who helped rebuild drums and coach vocal production in addition to providing spiritual guidance and industry insight. Dj Journey s also the founder of Trip Digital Inc., an independent record label and music licensing company.

It’s clear from both the “Someday” and “Downtown”, why this is a highly creative and collaborative duo features participating artists as much or even sometimes more than themselves. And this approach, is definitely paying off, at least in terms of overall sonic quality of the record. Falling somewhere between Hip Hop, Pop and RnB, this duo has created a fun new kind of sound that hits the listener a bit deeper than most of the mainstream, electronically produced songs. Whether it’s the rolling basslines, voicing of the violin, melodic quality of the verses and choruses or overall production, these guys have got something going here… Only time will tell how far it will go or where this little journey will take us!

Photo(s) by Jonathan B. Ragle

Contact: S.C.R.D. Email: Instagram: @scrdnyc Twitter: @scrdnyc Facebook: @scrdnyc Web:

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Official Worldwide Release Date: Tuesday, June 30, 2015

New York, NY (June 23, 2015) - S.C.R.D. (an acronym for Sweet Chuck and Ravin Dave) will officially release their debut studio single, titled “Someday” on Tuesday, June 30, 2015. The record release includes three versions (Dirty, Radio Edit, Instrumental) and will be available through a year-long contract with TuneCore for global distribution across iTunes, Google Play, Beats, Amazon Direct, eMusic and other major retailers.

Fans can catch a sneak-peak preview of the upcoming release Someday, when S.C.R.D. guest hosts #MassivelyEpic Radio on this Tuesday (6/23) and next (6/30) from 9-10p EST. On the show’s page at 9:00 PM after the debut airs, there will be a numeric passcode that can be used to access pre-release streams on

Someday” is not just a story about heartbreak and rebound, musically it’s a journey of collaboration between a bunch of characters seeking to make cool shit and have fun.

Sweet Chuck and Ravin Dave met locally in Gramercy, Manhattan two years ago. After months of epic adventures and thousands of hours in the studio, the duo managed to convince a team of extremely talented musicians, producers and engineers to join in on their collaborative tale.

One notable featured artist on the record is Marissa Licata, an internationally renowned violinist who has performed with Alicia Keys, Ben Harper, Ringo Starr, Dave Stewart of Eurythmics, Gloria Estefan, Pras of the Fugees, Jermaine Paul, Elle Varner, Gaby Wilson, and many more. On Someday, Ms. Licata’s violin plays the role of the narrator helping to bring listeners through the various emotions as the story is being told.

Another very notable featured artist on the record is top American Jazz musician, James Genus. Mr. Genus’ bassline is a perfectly rolling, sexy foundation that nails down the groove in the record. Rightfully so.. James has built his bassist career over the past 25 years and has performed with many greats including Branford Marsalis, Chick Corea, Dave Douglas, Uri Caine, Global Theory, Ravi Coltrane, Bill Evans, Herbie Hancock, and Daft Punk.

S.C.R.D. notes that, “our passion is live music, and so from the start we wanted to be sure that we recorded as much live instrumentation as possible. Besides overall tonal quality, we believe that live performances will also be higher quality if the song was written with “real” instruments from the start. The quality of our stories rely on real instruments played by talented musicians that actually bring certain characters to life via a recorded performance. It’s deeper than just playing the notes. This is the difference.


The whole project is an experiment that started out of random, serendipitous happenstance meeting design. But then organically flourished into something with potential commercial viability over the past six months. We recognize that this could last 3 mins or 30 years. What matters is that we are going for something that stems from fun, friends and passion. Now we’re testing it to see if it can become a sustainable independent artistic career path - remarks S.C.R.D.

To date, S.C.R.D. have already performed on the legendary Webster Hall main stage just over a week ago accompanied by Marissa Licata and 187 Sound demonstrating solid potential to a suspect crowd. With confidence and personality they delivered a live performance of “Someday” (which was still in the final stages of recording that week). “It was like dressing up your two-year old and entering her into a pageant. Thankfully it went well, but now we are focused on this release and then the video planned for mid-summer,” notes S.C.R.D.

For a sneak-peak preview of the upcoming release Someday, S.C.R.D. is guest hosting #MassivelyEpic Radio on this Tuesday (6/23) and next (6/30) from 9-10p EST.

About: is the world’s loudest Hip Hop internetwork founded by Chuck D. of Pubic Enemy.

About: #MassivelyEpic Radio is a weekly show that features independent DJs, Producers and Artists mixes and records, in order to help bring groove to the island and get the independent voice heard.


Photo(s) by Jason Sheldon

Photo(s) by Jonathan B. Ragle

Contact: S.C.R.D.

Email: Instagram: @scrdnyc Twitter: @scrdnyc Facebook: @scrdnyc Web:

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Saturday, June 13, 2015 • 12:00p - 3:30p

New York, NY (June 10, 2015) - Gramercy based creative duo Sweet Chuck and Ravin Dave are ramping up to release their first studio single, “Someday” later this month. But not before they appear as special musical guests at the Better Booze Festival, this Saturday, June 13, 2015 at Webster Hall.

These two metro-sexual peas in a pod are a modern day Cheech & Chong, meet Jack Black, with old skool beats, nu-skool instrumentation and a fresh new underground sound. Infused with witty, humorous and slightly satirically lude lyrics, S.C.R.D. take us on a rockstar journey through heartbreak with a passionate love for life and the thirst for adventure!

In their first debut pre-release single performance, S.C.R.D. will be joined by DJ 187 Sound and the magnificent Marissa Mermaid, a talented and well-known violinist who’s part will be played by Marissa Licata. Similar to Sweet Chuck and Ravin Dave, Marissa Mermaid is a fictional character that is being created and brought to life not only through the music, but also social media, online content and live performance.

The Better Booze Festival is presented by U.S. Veg Corp and Webster Hall, and the event aims to showcase a variety of alcoholic products free of ingredients derived from animals and other unsavory items that aren’t necessary in making quality and delicious drinks.

“This festival is aimed to raise people’s awareness that not all alcohol is created equal. If the FDA required all ingredients to be listed on alcoholic beverages most people would be shocked and not in a good way”, proclaims co-organizer Nira Paliwoda.

Similar to the goals and objectives of the festival, S.C.R.D. are out to do the same, but through music. Meaning, Sweet Chuck and Ravin Dave have taken an organic approach to making music. “Someday” is the first single on their forthcoming album “The Adventures of. . .” due out this fall. The track features a well known bassist and violinist, both who help bring life to the record and depth to the overall sound.

S.C.R.D.’s approach to making music is the tried and true approach via collaboration. They are doing it in a 21st-century style writing, composing and recording of each concept, all which are based on true stories. “Someday” is not just a story about heartbreak and rebound, musically it’s a story about collaboration between a bunch of characters seeking to release and have fun.

For more information on the Better Booze Festival, go to:


Admission is $45. Ages 21+. For tickets, go to:

Better Booze Festival

June 13, 2015



Webster Hall

125 E. 11th Street

New York, NY 10003


About U.S. Veg Corp is an event production and marketing brand focused on the growing vegetarian and green markets. Buoyed by its annual flagship event, the NYC Vegetarian Food Festival, U.S. Veg Corp provides offline and online opportunities throughout the year to target a passionate audience interested in a vegetarian and eco-friendly lifestyle.

About Marissa Licata is a 29 year old, Boston and New York based, Honduran American violinist, Marissa Licata, is a star powerhouse soloist. Her electrifying passion and vibrant presence have been featured on international and world-renowned stages. With over 15 years of classical violin training, and her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from the New England Conservatory, Marissa proved her natural versatility on her very first audition for Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull – winning the lead violin spot on his 2006 US tour. She would go on to join Jethro Tull for 5 more international tours.

Marissa quickly became high in demand as both a featured soloist and recording artist. In the years from 2007 – 2011, Ms. Licata collaborated on projects and performed on national and international tours with Alicia Keys, Ben Harper, Ringo Starr, Dave Stewart of Eurythmics, Gloria Estefan, Pras of the Fugees, Jermaine Paul, Elle Varner, Gaby Wilson, and many more.



Photo(s) by Jonathan Ragle.

Press Contact:Better Booze Festival - Nira Paliwoda -

S.C.R.D. -

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